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Saluta Glutathione or Tationil Glutathione for Skin Whitening?

Many Filipina women will spare  expense to have whiter skin and i am one of them. haha
Though im not  maitim, my skin tone is white to light brown (putla)but still i want that mala Kristine Reyes na skin.
I'm a big fan of super flawless Angelica Jones! And I envy her skin (My frustration)!
That's why i tried the gluta iv. 

I started doing the gluta shots 3 months ago.
Me and my cousin did it twice a week, 1200mg/session of Tationil.
 For the first 2 weeks i experienced pimple breakout.
During the purging stage you will notice your skin is glowing.
You will really love how it will make your skin glowing.
Aside from that i noticed, it adds moisture to my hair.
I never experienced folliculitis (due to waxing) after 1 month  of use.
I also noticed that it lighten the hyper pigmented skin.
It really lightens my layered brown color upper arm due to unprotected skin exposure.
Sadly after 2 moths with Tationil, i havent received any compliment that i'm getting whiter
but wait!
I always received these compliments,
'' Eii. You are blushing, in love?''LOL(im so maputla kasi before)
" Namumula mula ka sis''.

I also observed that my cheeks are blushing
Even i haven't slept for 24hours but when i look at the mirror, i don't look like a maputlang whitelady.
I love the blushing, pinkish effect of Tationil.

I consumed the 3 boxes of tationil for 2 months and because i want to give a try to the famous saluta, I bought 1 box of Saluta.
I had a bad pimple break out and rashes with saluta on my first week.
I feel that im getting putla with saluta. Saluta did not give me a sedating effect unlike tationil (Knockdown!). Its been 2 weeks since i stop gluta shots  and i shifted into grapeseed (a very high in anti oxidants, gluta booster).  I have no plan to permanently stop doing the gluta shots since it is very good for detoxification of  our body . In my opinion if you want a blushing skin, tationil is the best choice though the whitening effect is slow (I havent notice any big difference) and if you want super fast whitening putla effect go for Saluta!