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Kikay Pink Shop Underarm Whitening Set Cream Review (Underarm Chicken Skin Solution)

I have a very problematic underarm before. My underarm is very sensitive. On my teenage years i used deodorant which irritates my skin that caused me to have a dark underarm.Most of the Deodorants contain harsh chemicals that irritates the skin. As early as 17, i'm already plucking my UA and that's why I have to suffer from having chicken skin underarm. I undergone skin bleaching to whiten my Underam.It lightens my underam yet it did not help me to remove or even reduce the chicken skin texture. I even tried pricey derma underarm creams and other branded underam creams but they all end up disappointing me.
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I found this undearm whitening set from Kikay Pink Shop in the forum. I did not hesitate to try this Cream because of the good feedbacks. Much more I'm so despirate to achieve that flawless Underarm. LOL! I am using this cream before going to sleep. At first it will cause a visible peeling. It did not irritate my sensitive underarm. As early as 2 weeks it reduces the chicken skin texture of my Underarm plus it has a whitening effect. I immediately noticed the whitening effect of this cream on my underarm. I have been using this product for almost two years. It's a stop and go process, wherein, i will stop for one month then i will continue again for 2 consecutive months. I have been using this cream for 2 years! I'm still experiencing mild peeling with this cream. I love this cream so much! I owe my beautiful underarm from Kikay Pink Shop Underarm Cream . I highly recommend this cream for those ladies who don't want to spend big money for underarm peeling at derma! Give this a try ladies. I'm confident enough that you will not regret it! But ofcourse patience is a virtue when it comes to whitening!

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