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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rimmel Sweet Stuff Lipstick Review (Sweet Fruity Lipstick)

 I purchased Rimmel Sweet Stuff Lipstick  online for only $3.00. So cheap right?
Rimmel Sweet stuff lipstick 200 is a pink lipstick.  I was surprised of the sweet smell and the yummy strawberry taste. It is so wonderful. 

Wearing Rimmel Sweet stuff lipstick 200

I love the gloss! It feels very light on my lips.

 This lipstick is glittery. It glides on easily.

Two Swipes

Rimmel Sweet Stuff Lipstick 200

I like it because... Great fruity taste and wonderful scent!
                            The lovely glossy, glittery pink color
Very moisturizing
Nice addition for my lipstick collection

Cons: Some might not like the strong scent
Not long wearing


  1. lipstick with fruity taste and wonderful scent?! I never had such a thing LOL, I only had lipglosses like that and sometimes I unconsciously lick it so it fades away quicker... >.< haha must learn to resist! Anyways I would love to try this brand out even though it's not long lasting :D

  2. Yeah. Not only yummy but you will like the gloss of this pink lipstick. So pretty. :)


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