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Ever Bilena Mousse Blush On (Natural Blush)

I badly need to replace my old blush on stick because it is already 1y/o. haha. I was about to buy a tint from sophie martin buts it's not available. Luckily i found the Ever Bilena mousse blush Saffron.  I love pink blush. I was about to pick the pink shade but my beautiful cousin objected. You will look blah.. blah.. blah on pink shade. haha. He gave me the saffron shade.  Peachy shade (Saffron ) will fit to pale white skinned according to my cousin (ok, trust the expert:D).

Ever Bilena Saffron is available at leading department store and EB stalls for only ₱125.00

This is a peachy, unscented, airy and light weight blush on.  The packaging is fine but using your fingers to apply it is unhygienic (hand washing first or you can use spatula).  

                 If you hate bright blushes this is the right shade for you.  This is great for simple makeup.

    Wearing the Ever Bilena Mousse BlushOn Saffron without powder

Why I love it?
It looks so natural on me
The cheap price
Light weight
It is not oily
It doesn't create an oily look even without putting powder.

The staying power is not so good (3 hours max). You have to reapply it.

Overall the quality of this product is great but I wish that Ever Bilena will create a blushon stick version.

I love it and will definitely repurchase!