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Coffee Barako Body Polish

Last night while watching tv,  Angel Aquino mentioned the coffee Barako. She is using the pure coffee barako on her skin; she applies the powdered coffee barako like a lotion and letting it absorbed by the skin for a few minutes. I was so curious how it smell and its effect. After watching I immediately search multiply.com, I can’t find the pure coffee barako instead the solid body polish at a very cheap price. I sent an order form immediately. I received my order after a few days. It is hard to touch with strong smell and small beads of barako coffee. It is soap base. I used it immediately, I love its effect. It doesn’t leave my skin dry after scrubbing my body. I really love it. I can now replace my luffa!
The coffee barako body polish that I purchased has organically grown barako coffee beans and Virgin Coconut Oil. 

                                                 Photo credit to Dare to Bare

Anyways girls scrubbing/polishing is a good treatment for the skin. A body scrub will exfoliate the skin, sloughing off dead skin cells and rasping away hard and flaky skin, leaving it soft and silky. The coffee barako that I purchased contains an oil. the VCO which moisturizes and soothes the skin. Coffee barako is rich in antioxidants making the skin glow and smooth as silk.
And because I super love the coffee barako body polish I will purchase another 10 pieces from sis Dare to Bare Shop .

Saluta Glutathione or Tationil Glutathione for Skin Whitening?

Many Filipina women will spare  expense to have whiter skin and i am one of them. haha
Though im not  maitim, my skin tone is white to light brown (putla)but still i want that mala Kristine Reyes na skin.
I'm a big fan of super flawless Angelica Jones! And I envy her skin (My frustration)!
That's why i tried the gluta iv. 

I started doing the gluta shots 3 months ago.
Me and my cousin did it twice a week, 1200mg/session of Tationil.
 For the first 2 weeks i experienced pimple breakout.
During the purging stage you will notice your skin is glowing.
You will really love how it will make your skin glowing.
Aside from that i noticed, it adds moisture to my hair.
I never experienced folliculitis (due to waxing) after 1 month  of use.
I also noticed that it lighten the hyper pigmented skin.
It really lightens my layered brown color upper arm due to unprotected skin exposure.
Sadly after 2 moths with Tationil, i havent received any compliment that i'm getting whiter
but wait!
I always received these compliments,
'' Eii. You are blushing, in love?''LOL(im so maputla kasi before)
" Namumula mula ka sis''.

I also observed that my cheeks are blushing
Even i haven't slept for 24hours but when i look at the mirror, i don't look like a maputlang whitelady.
I love the blushing, pinkish effect of Tationil.

I consumed the 3 boxes of tationil for 2 months and because i want to give a try to the famous saluta, I bought 1 box of Saluta.
I had a bad pimple break out and rashes with saluta on my first week.
I feel that im getting putla with saluta. Saluta did not give me a sedating effect unlike tationil (Knockdown!). Its been 2 weeks since i stop gluta shots  and i shifted into grapeseed (a very high in anti oxidants, gluta booster).  I have no plan to permanently stop doing the gluta shots since it is very good for detoxification of  our body . In my opinion if you want a blushing skin, tationil is the best choice though the whitening effect is slow (I havent notice any big difference) and if you want super fast whitening putla effect go for Saluta!

My Experience with Emu Oil

Emu Oil is a natural skin care product. Emu oil has been used for thousand of years in Australia to reduce pain, swelling and for wound healing.  Pure Emu Oil is natural and non-toxic, non-comedogenic (meaning that it does not clog pores), hypo-allergenic (non-irritating) and is gentle for all skin types. Emu oil has the unique healing properties. It is very effective on all types of burns, sunburn, 1st degree and 2nd degree burn.

Studies have demonstrated pure emu oil to benefit the following conditions:

    Acne Scars
    Aging Skin & Wrinkles
    Athletes Foot
    Back Pain
    Blisters & Cold Sores
    Calluses & Cracked Skin
    Carpal Tunnel
    Cuts & Lacerations
    Dermatitis & Rashes
    Diabetes - Neuropathy


    Foot Fungus
    Gum Disease
    Hair Loss
    Herpes Zoster - Shingles
    Insect Bites & Stings
    Itchy Dry Skin
    Joint Pain
    Muscle Pain
    Pain Relief
    Pet Injuries & Hot Spots


    Razor Burns & Nicks
    Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Scars & Keloids
    Shin Splints
    Skin Care
    Shoulder & Neck Pain
    Sore Muscles
    Sports Injuries
    Stretch Marks
    Swelling & Stiffness
    Vein - Varicose

In my experience, i tried it on my inflamed underarm with a little wound after waxing. I put a little emu oil on my skin and as I check it in the morning the redness was gone. I can say that it has the same effect with some other anti inflammatory medication and even more effective than hydro cortisone. It can also helps to decrease the chicken skin of the underarm. In times of pimple attack, I'm using emu oil to lessen the redness of the pimples and yes Emu oil is very effective. I also love the scent of Emu oil.  Girls if you are looking for a super natural oil that will moisturize your skin why don't give a try to emu oil. Emu oil is highly moisturizing, a natural skin softener and has rejuvenating properties and you can get it on a very cheap price in the market.