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Revlon Super Lustrous- Love That Red and Tarte Glistening Powder Review (Gift from Sis Allen) + Winnings :)

I received a lot of Stuffs from my December winnings and i will blog it soon. :)

Last week i received a beautiful gift from a kikay friend Sis Allen.

She sent me cosmetics, hair accessory and a top ( super ♥ it). :)

Here are the first 2 cosmetics from Sis Allen

                       Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Love That Red

Revlon Super Lustrous (Love That Red) is a bright true red lipstick.
No Scent!
Not so pigmented compared to other Red Lipstick
It doesn't cause my lips to dry, not moisturizing though.
The staying power is just fine.

Why I love it? It looks so classic and elegant.
It brightens my face.
Makes my teeth whiter

Tarte Sugar Daddy Glistening Powder

Tarte Glistening Powder is a fine loss powder.
It gives a nice shimmer. :)
The shade is peachy bronze.
The scent is just fine.
It can be use as an eyeshadow and as a body powder.

I used it on my cheek.
Here is the pic..
A nice cheek highlighter and bronzer
I also used it on my body. I mixed it with lotion. Instant shimmer lotion :)

Thank you so much sis Allen! :)

By the way.....
I won again! :D
I received the prize from Ms. Andrea of http://shimmerjjang.tumblr.com/ last week.

I won the Luview MegaGiveaway Last Month!

Here are the prizes...

Thank you so much Ms. Andrea and Luview Cosmetics!

Will review these products nextweek :)

NYX Round Lipstick Electra Review (Red Lipstick)

I purchased two NYX lipsticks (Chick Red and Electra) 2 weeks ago from ebay.
Here is the store http://myworld.ebay.ph/windzdee

And  I like the electra more. :D

Here is my review for NYX Round Lipstick Electra

Price: 150.00 from http://myworld.ebay.ph/windzdee
Left Photos: Without Flash   Right Photo: With Flash
NYX Electra is a bright, true red and very pigmented lipstick.
It looks a little bit orange.
The staying power is fine (3-4 hours)
The scent is not that strong. It's not annoying at all.
It is creamy and very moisturizing.
Doesn't dry my lips
The prize is so cheap!

Single Swipe

Why i love it? It suits my skin very well and brightens up my face.
And OMG! The price is so cheap!

Cons: It melts so easily! I left my NYX chic red near my laptop and the top of the lipstick melted. :(
It bleeds a bit

OVERALL: I recommend this lipstick for those who love dramatic red lipstick! :)

That's all for now. I still have a lot of lippies to review. :)

December Lucky Winnings + Some Stuff

Vacation is over. I'm back to work meaning less blogging. :(
Last month i joined alot of giveaways. Believe it or not, I won 7 times. haha (I'm such a lucky girl. :D)

Giveaway 1 : From Ms. Bebe
I won accessories and a One Year Domain! And now my site is http://www.missabegaila.com/
I super like Ms. Bebe, aside from being gorgeous blogger she is super nice.  
Visit her fashion blog at http://bebe-doll.net

I received two packages. The first package from Bubbles (Ms. Bebe's giveaway sponsor)

Beautiful Accessories from Bubbles

I super like the earrings and the bracelets!

Here is the super gorgeous necklace from Bubbles

And the 2nd package from Ms. Bebe ( I wasn't expecting for this 2nd package)


So sweet package with a  note
Thank you so much Ms. Bebe!
I received necklaces, bracelet, bangles and earrings :) I super love all of these accessories!

Here is my picture wearing some of  gorgeous accessories from Ms. Bebe.

This beautiful necklace is a good match for my plunging clothes.
Again Thank you so much Ms. Bebe!


I won a shorts from Ms. Emma's giveaway. The sponsor of her giveaway is Wild Hearts.

I received the package today from Australia. And because it came from another part of the world it took a month to be delivered.

 And here is the gorgeous shorts from Wild Hearts
Thank you Ms. Emma and Wild Hearts!

Before I end this post I wanna share my new found super pretty shoes! :)

I love heel shoes but I'm not comfortable wearing them. I'm much more comfortable in flat shoes.  I bought this super gorgeous leopard shoes because i just want to have one. haha

And that's all for now. I will blog my new found lipsticks soon. :)

Ecotools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set Review

And because i now love eating makeups i should start collecting makeup accesories specially brushes. :D

This is my first time to purchase Ecotools product. Ecotools is one of the brands that produces eco-friendly makeup brushes. I purchased Ecotools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set  from ebay for only ₱520.00! So cheap right?

1. Large eye brush (Blend) 2. Highligh 3. Crease 4.Shade 5. Smudge

 Ecotools confused me a bit. It is labelled 6 piece eye brush set but i has only 5 brushes. It took me a little while to figure out that the 6th piece is the travel case. :)

This Earth-Friendly Set Shows Respect For Planet 

* Handles made from bamboo, a highly sustainable plant
* 100% cruelty free, soft taklon bristles.
* Recycled aluminum ferrules

* Natural Cotton and hemp travel case

* Reusable storage pouch

The Brushes

Large eye brush- for applying and blending the shadows.


Angled Crease Brush-  It has been designed to softly apply color to the crease for definition. Honestly, I don't know how to use this brush. It is a  bit too big for crease area.

Shade Brush- This brush is  a little bit small. It is perfect for applying lid color.

Highlighting Brush- this is perfect for highlighting the bone and inner corners of the eye. I am using this brush for blending.

Smudge Brush- This is for creating a smoky look. I am using this as a concealer brush. :D

Why i love it?
The brushes are super soft
They pick up the powder well
The cheap price!
Doesn't shed
It comes with the case which is great for travel
Eco friendly

Some may not like the shorter handles.

I love these brushes!
These brushes are great for beginner.
I recommend these brushes if you are looking for a good travel brushes.

Will i buy again other ecotools brushes?  I've been eyeing the ecotools kabuki brush. :)

By the way before i end this post. 
Here is my New Year super glittery nail polish. :D

Happy New Year Everyone! Wishing you all Amazing Full of Love and Happiness!