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Monday, January 23, 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous- Love That Red and Tarte Glistening Powder Review (Gift from Sis Allen) + Winnings :)

I received a lot of Stuffs from my December winnings and i will blog it soon. :)

Last week i received a beautiful gift from a kikay friend Sis Allen.

She sent me cosmetics, hair accessory and a top ( super ♥ it). :)

Here are the first 2 cosmetics from Sis Allen

                       Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Love That Red

Revlon Super Lustrous (Love That Red) is a bright true red lipstick.
No Scent!
Not so pigmented compared to other Red Lipstick
It doesn't cause my lips to dry, not moisturizing though.
The staying power is just fine.

Why I love it? It looks so classic and elegant.
It brightens my face.
Makes my teeth whiter

Tarte Sugar Daddy Glistening Powder

Tarte Glistening Powder is a fine loss powder.
It gives a nice shimmer. :)
The shade is peachy bronze.
The scent is just fine.
It can be use as an eyeshadow and as a body powder.

I used it on my cheek.
Here is the pic..
A nice cheek highlighter and bronzer
I also used it on my body. I mixed it with lotion. Instant shimmer lotion :)

Thank you so much sis Allen! :)

By the way.....
I won again! :D
I received the prize from Ms. Andrea of http://shimmerjjang.tumblr.com/ last week.

I won the Luview MegaGiveaway Last Month!

Here are the prizes...

Thank you so much Ms. Andrea and Luview Cosmetics!

Will review these products nextweek :)


  1. beautiful red lipstick!!
    thanks for your comment! follow you back!!



  2. Hello! :D Thank you so much for following me; I'm happily following you back. :D For some reason, I can see your comment on my Blogger dashboard, but not on my blog itself; it's being weird. X_X

    Red lipstick is very bold and I'm a bit intimidated to use it, so I'm very happy to see a review on it! It's a really lovely color. :D And I always like reading things about Tarte. :D

  3. how do you do it? why do you keep on winning? :)

    Lucky girl :)

    1. I joined alot of giveaways sis. haha :)

  4. Hello ^.^ Thanks for the comment left on my blog ^-^
    Very nice blog ^-^
    Beautiful lipstick that =D
    I have added the blog that I follow ^.^ I hope you would do the same ^-^


  5. oh dear, you are so beautiful and you look so classy in red lips. i never win any giveaway and sometimes it drives me crazy lol.
    dear i am your new follower, thank u for following, i am very happy being followed by a fashionable person like you, darling. kisses

  6. love those red lipstick on you! Thanks for following. I'm following you now.:) stay pretty.

  7. Thank you for this, its really helpful :) amazing post, and really great blog :)
    What do you think, of following each other ?

  8. I've just gotten into makeup maybe I'll try out a few based on your review :) xx

  9. oh you really look good with red lipstick!



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