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Monday, February 27, 2012

Geocolouredlenses.com GEO Grang Grang Choco (15mm) Review

Last week i received a package from Malaysia. 
The package came from http://www.geocolouredlenses.com. 
They sent me lenses for review.

GeoColouredlenses.com is an online store.
 It was founded in 2008 with the simple mission to promote the Geo brand and its lenses.  
   They have a very fast customer service.

Here is the package...

It comes in an envelope with a manual.

They gave me a new case. Yehyyy! Thank you Geocolouredlenses.com.
I received the package in less than 2 weeks!

Let us now go to my review.
(Note: Photo without using flash)
Geo Big Grang Grang Choco (Grang grang sounds so funny :D)
These are a new series from GEO and they came out 2 months ago. 
DM: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Duration: 1 year disposable
Price: $22.90
Available power range:  0.00 ~ -6.00 

           This is my first time trying out 15mm contact lens. I was super excited to try this lens.
These lenses are graded.

Here are my pictures with  lenses.

Without Flash

 With Flash

Without Flash

With Flash

(Redness of my left eye is caused by the mascara wand. I accidentally hit my left eye)

Without Flash (I took this picture outside the house)

It looks more natural without Flash


With Flash


The brown color is more obvious with flash.

If you want a more dramatic brown eyes there is available Geo Grang Grang Brown.

Comfort 5/5 I had no problem wearing these lenses. It is really easy to apply and to pull it off.  I almost feel like I'm not using any contacts.

Design and Color 4/5  It is very pretty dark brown color which emphasize my natural brown eyes. The color is not so dramatic which I like.

Enlargement 5/5 These lenses enlarge my eyes. Super! Remember these lenses are 15mm in Diameter.  

Overall I love it. It could really make your eyes huge. Putting these lenses alone will make your eyes look weird. They look good with makeup on.

Again let us talk about http://www.geocolouredlenses.com

1. They offer FREE standard international shipping on all orders 1-5 pairs and FREE express international shipping on all orders 6 pairs and above.

2. GEO is a reliable Korean circle lens brand and is also ISO and CE certified. All of their lenses are genuine. There are many circle lens brands in the market now and customers should purchase their circle lens carefully to avoid fake/unreliable brands. (This is something they always say to current and new circle lens wearers.)

 I’ve got mine verified at http://geo.fw1860.com/
And yes it is Authentic!

You can only enter the codes once!

3. Most of their circle lens models are available with corrective power.

And finally
 You can enjoy 10% discount using code: Missabegaila (No expiry date, no use limit) so shop now at http://www.geocolouredlenses.com

This review is sponsored by http://www.geocolouredlenses.com.


  1. Wow, you have a lot of nice lenses *^*
    I don´t know how to put it xD
    Thanks for your comment ♥

  2. Oooo I've been curious about Grang Grang since it came out...They look so gorgeous and natural! :D Thanks for the review~

  3. Those lenses are so pretty and natural-looking!

  4. they look like the same color of your eyes. :) circle lenses makes a person more photogenic tlga. I'm not saying you're not photogenic already. You already are. But the lenses made a difference.

  5. Like it this drop my site http://www.subsafan.blogspot.com/

  6. How nice, I can't stand wearing lenses. I tried it before but it irritates my eyes lol so back to eyeglasses ang byuti ng nanay hehehe.

    First time here Ms. Abe and now following your blog.

    1. Minsan din lang po ako nagcocontactlens. Madali din kasi mairita ang eyes ko. Muntik na ako mabulag dahil sa lenses before. More than 10 hours kasi ako nagllense before. hehe.

      Wiill follow your blogs sis. Thanks sa follow.

  7. Hi there, great review!! The contacts looks great on you! So natural looking ^_^

  8. i love reading your reviews :) Just followed your blog! i wanna try contact lenses! too bad i had an irritation before thats hindering me to wear one. :( I have a give away, I hope you can join :)

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll
    Win cute accessories from The Bead Diary! Join my blog giveaway :)


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