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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Toric Magic 2 Lense Violet Review (Violet Lens)

Last week i received a mail from E-Circlelens.net.
They sent me pair of contact lenses for review.
Let me give you some facts about E-Circlelens.
E-circlelens.net is based in Korea. 
All contact lenses which e-circlelens.com distribute are authorized by KFDA(Korea Food and Drug Administration).
I like the variety of lenses they offered. They have a very friendly customer service. :)
You can visit their website at  http://www.e-circlelens.net

Here is the package...

Super Secure Packaging :)

And because of astigmatism, they ask me to choose from the toric designs.
I will be reviewing Toric 2 Magic Violet.

The lenses..........

They included a lens case. Thank you E-circleLens! :)

Diameter: 14.0
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6
Life Span: 1 year
Price:  $63

Their lenses are bit pricey compared to other but i definitely guarantee that the product and the service are high in quality. :D

Eyes Shots


With Flash

Without Flash


With Flash

Without Flash

Why i Love ♥ it?
So comfortable and doesn't feel weird.
I like the design.
It's not so dramatic when outside (with outdoor light).

 Not available in the Philippines

♥Comfort ♥ 4.5
♥Color and Design♥ 5 
♥Enlargement♥ 3  (This lens is 14mm Diameter only)
Service feedback 5

Overall: I love these lenses so much. I will definitely use it more often :) 


 With Camera Flash


          It looks so dramatic when i took the photo inside my dark room with the camera flash.

Without Flash

 (I took these photos near the window and outside the house)

They are dark when outside which i like.



This review is sponsored by E-Circlelense.net. Thank you E-Circlelens.net.
Like their page ---->  E-Circlelense Facebook Page 
I will be reviewing doll eye contact lenses soon. :)


  1. very thanks for your comment!!!!
    woow beautiful photos!!! so cool!!

    greetings!!! ^^

  2. Nice color. Really look so good!
    I follow you~

  3. they look great on you especially with your headband!
    i am afraid the price is a little steep for color contacts. they sure seem to provide good service, though.
    i love 14.00 - 14.2 mm diameters in lenses. anything bigger than that looks weird and eventually feel uncomfortable.

  4. A really nice lenses ^-^
    Following you too sweetie ♥
    Thanks for your visit ♥

  5. wow, your eyes look bigger. It's so nice! By the way, I just followed your blog. Thank you for following mine.

  6. I have that lens too, in green and blue, and I realy love it because it makes my eyes bigger but natural :) I'm following you back :)

  7. this lenses are amazing! the violet colour is so intense!!!!><
    lots of kisses!

  8. awesome!!! :) i love the color, they look great on you!

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