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I Love Summer Shopping! :)

My mom and i came to Manila last March 23 for my admission examination. 
I'm going back to School this June and i am very excited. 
I will be taking up shhshhhh. It's about hacking human ehemm. haha

We stayed at the Pearl Manila Hotel.
If you are looking for an affordable hotel i recommend this hotel.
Because of the ongoing promo it only costs  $380 (P 16,500) for 2 rooms (Junior Suite), 3 nights stay at The Pearl Manila Hotel.

Here is the room. The room is super clean!
The bedroom, bathroom, linens and towels were fresh and clean.
There is a vault combination lock where you can keep important things.

View from the window (14th floor)

Swimming pool on 9th floor.

Daily Newspaper outside the door every morning

They have a very friendly staffs! 
Check this hotel at http://www.pearlmanila.com.ph/

The most exciting part. The shopping.......
Mom did an extreme shopping and i did just enough shopping.
I don't have the right yet to overshop. haha

With my super friend Bevs, me (yah i know i'm super skinny and i'm working on it) and my mom. :D

Got these super cute Folded and Hung stuffs from my Mom. Thanks Ma! :)

1. Pretty hat! Perfect this summer 2.  My first pair of tankini (looks so gorgeous in actual) 3. Animal print glasses

New Bags for Me! :)

I super like this Jovanni bag. :)  This bag costs 1,400 pesos. It's on sale, that's why i grab it immediately . :D

Let's continue shopping

I super love Zara specially their cardigans. I just picked these clothes without checking the sizes.
I picked the wrong size. I should pick the small. They are medium but still look good on me.

1. Ruffled top and high waist short 2. Animal print ruffled top and animal print belt 3. Green loose top

I have been looking for that leopard print ruffled top. Finally i have it!

This wedge is super cheap but super pretty. It only costs 900 pesos! I got this from mall of asia. 
I forgot the name of the store.

My fave among my summer purchases. I love acid washed jeans! :)

I have been looking for Forever 21! Finally i found F21 at SM Megamall

1. High waist shorts 2. Ruffled Top 3. Loose Top 4. Tank Tops

I found this store at NAIA. I love flipflops! I am flipflop girl! haha I purchased 2 pairs of Havaianas :)

But still i feel a bit sad, i did not see any topshop and H&M stores! I have a very limited time to do mall hopping.

I received my online order.
Here are my 2 new pairs of bikinis :)

My Bratty Baby Girl is ready to hit the beach! hahaha

with my Bestfriend hahaha
We are so ready for summer. How about you? Are you ready for summer?


 I'm super excited for this review.

I received another Geo lenses from Geocolouredlenses.Com .
It took less than two weeks to arrive from Malaysia to Philippines.

Here are the lenses


This is my second 15mm lenses.

For the second time Geocolouredlenses included  a free lens case :) Yehhy! Thank you!

Power Range: 0.00~-6.00
Diameter: 15.0mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.60mm
Water Content: 38~42%
Duration: 1 year disposable
Price: $23.50

I was so excited to try the lenses. After opening the bottle i soaked the lenses for only 30 minutes and tried it, my eyes feel not comfortable.
 Remember to soak the lens in solutions for at least 8 hours before wearing to avoid discomfort.

The next day me and my cousin took pictures (super excited because i love grey lenses).

Accidentally i put the lenses inside out/inverted!
I realized that it is inverted while editing the photos.
It doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. weird..
And I have to repeat taking pictures!

Here are my pictures with the lenses on

With Flash

 Without Flash

 The difference in size is very obvious. Right?

Without Flash 
With Flash

This lens is so intense! 
They have a very pretty grey, bluish design.
The black ring is very noticeable.




♥Comfort ♥ 5 (I do not feel any discomfort with these lenses)
♥Color and Design♥ 5 ( The color of this lens is bluish grey.  I like the limbal ring which draws attention to the pupil)
Service feedback 5 (Geocolouredlenses.com Customer Service is  friendly and super fast)

Even they are 15mm they still don't look freaky.
 If you are looking for an intense lens i recommend this!
Great for camwhore! :)

Princess Mimi Series comes in 4 different colors. Check it now at Geocolouredlenses.Com

Geocoulouredenses offer FREE standard international shipping on all orders 1-5 pairs and FREE express international shipping on all orders 6 pairs and above.
You can use the code: MISSABEGAILA for a 10% discount
Before i end this post i want to share my pictures wearing the inverted lenses! LMAO! :D
I should be more careful next time :D

Check my ---> Geo Grang Grang Choco Review

This review is sponsored by geocolouredlenses.com.

Firmooo Glasses Review (Free Glasses for Bloggers) + Photo Craze

Two weeks ago while browsing facebook an advertisement appeared on the sidebar. 
The advertisement is offering a free eyeglasses for bloggers.
The company that is offering the free glasses is Firmoo Optical.
Here is the site --> http://bloggerfreegifts.blogspot.com/

 I received the eyeglasses in less than 2 weeks.

Here is my new eyeglasses

I super like my new glasses. So cute!
Firmoo sent me a graded lenses. :)
I love the designs of Firmoo opticals specially their sunglasses
About my glasses:
The frame is plastic.
The nosepad is plastic.
Price: $54. So cheap right?
I also like the quality of their glasses for $54.

Thank you Patrick and Firmoo for letting me review  these glasses :)

About Firmoo:

Firmoo.com is the emerging global online optical store of prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Years of expertise in optical industry enable Firmoo.com to offer varieties of prescription eyewear to the consuming public in high quality yet at extremely affordable prices. 

Check firmoo now--> http://www.firmoo.com

Here are my pictures wearing my new glasses  from Firmoo 
(Camera Craze- Camera Playing:D)