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Friday, April 6, 2012

Puffy 3 Tones Grey Lens from Lensvillage.Com Review

 Two weeks ago I received new lenses from Lensvillage.com!
Thank you Florence!

This is my 3rd grey lens. I ♥ grey lenses.
Puffy 3 Tones Grey Lens
Lensvillage.com included lens case. Thank you! :)

                                                                   Life Span : 1 Year
B.C : 8.6mm
Available in powers from 0.00 to -10.00 
Diameter : 14.5 mm
Origin : South Korea 
Price: $19.50
This model is manufactured by Dueba and labelled under DollyEye watermark.

                                 Puffy 3 Tones Grey Lenses is a very natural looking lenses.
                                                           The color is bluish and a bit green.

                                                                         WITHOUT FLASH
                                                                         WITH FLASH
   Made my eyes look big :D

I really like the darker grey outer ring and the brown small middle ring.

More pictures :D




♥Comfort ♥ 5 (These lenses are very comfortable. No discomfort at all!)
♥Color and Design♥ 5 ( The color of this lens is bluish grey and a bit green. I love the ring design. The outer ring is dark grey not black which i like. It looks realistic. It blends with my darkbrown eyes.
Enlargement5 (This is 14.5 mm. It gives a decent enlargement  while being natural.)
Service feedback 5 (They have very fast and friendly customer service. Actually all of the companies i work with have a friendly customer service. :D)

Overall: If your are looking for a grey lens that will make your eyes huge while being so natural i recommend  Puffy 3 Tones Grey Lens .

Check Puffy Puffy 3 Tones Grey Lens! now at Lensvillage.Com Lensvillage.com!
 Lensvillage offers large variety of lenses.
Visit and like their facebook page --->Lensvillage.com 


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