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Friday, May 25, 2012

Ever Bilena Kiss Me Lip and Cheek Gel Review

Finally found my time to blog.
It's been a busy couple of months!
Summer  is over and now Im so excited for school. :)
I want to share towith you ladies my new found love.
A cheek and lip stain gel! :)
I love liquid/gel blush and i hate powder blush.
Cheek stains/gels always give a natural finish.

I have a pale looking skin. I can't go out without putting a cheek blush or a lipstick/tint to brighten my face.

Here is my new found love...

Ever Bilena Kiss Me Lip and Cheek Gel

Price: ₱ 250.00

Comes in a bottle with pump.

                                                            The consistency is more gel like.
                                                                  The color is berry red.
                                                         I love the sweet scent of this tint. :)

                                       Its a bit pinky that when layered will create a deeper red.

Why i love it?

For cheeks: It gives a natural glow. 
                    I  actually achieve a bright color that i like on my cheek

For Lips: It doesn't dry out my lips or settle into the lines of lips.

Staying power:The staying power is just fine (3-4hours)

The stain is a gel that has a nice drying time so you don't get streaks while blending.
 The price is sowww cheap! :)

      Con: Its a bit messy (No applicator). 
You can use a lip applicator if you are going to use it as a lipstain.

Here are my pictures wearing Ever Bilena Kiss Me cheek and lip gel..

                         I only apply one layer on my cheeks and two layers on my lips.
It gives a deeper red color on my lips.

Overall: I recommend this cheek and lip stain if you love minimal makeup. 
It gives a great subtle color to the lips/cheek.
I love this gel so much! I will definitely repurchase.

And because i'm going back to school i'm spending alot on my clothes not for beautifying products.haha
Here are some of my new found love from Maybelline.
 I will write a review for these lippies soon :)


  1. It looks really nice and natural! I have never tried cheek/lip stains before but I think I'll give it a go ^^

  2. You've been gone for a loooong time!

    I hope you still find time to blog when you're in school. I heard med life is uber uber busy.

    Anyway, I use this tint too. EVERYDAY, EVERY TIME I go out. I hope ever bilena will have an orangy version of this. :)

  3. so so so so pretty! you look so gorgeous on them!! you look like a model! ^_^~

  4. You look very beautiful!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway!

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