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Geocolouredlenses.com GEO Grang Grang Choco (15mm) Review

Last week i received a package from Malaysia. 
The package came from http://www.geocolouredlenses.com. 
They sent me lenses for review.

GeoColouredlenses.com is an online store.
 It was founded in 2008 with the simple mission to promote the Geo brand and its lenses.  
   They have a very fast customer service.

Here is the package...

It comes in an envelope with a manual.

They gave me a new case. Yehyyy! Thank you Geocolouredlenses.com.
I received the package in less than 2 weeks!

Let us now go to my review.
(Note: Photo without using flash)
Geo Big Grang Grang Choco (Grang grang sounds so funny :D)
These are a new series from GEO and they came out 2 months ago. 
DM: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Duration: 1 year disposable
Price: $22.90
Available power range:  0.00 ~ -6.00 

           This is my first time trying out 15mm contact lens. I was super excited to try this lens.
These lenses are graded.

Here are my pictures with  lenses.

Without Flash

 With Flash

Without Flash

With Flash

(Redness of my left eye is caused by the mascara wand. I accidentally hit my left eye)

Without Flash (I took this picture outside the house)

It looks more natural without Flash


With Flash


The brown color is more obvious with flash.

If you want a more dramatic brown eyes there is available Geo Grang Grang Brown.

Comfort 5/5 I had no problem wearing these lenses. It is really easy to apply and to pull it off.  I almost feel like I'm not using any contacts.

Design and Color 4/5  It is very pretty dark brown color which emphasize my natural brown eyes. The color is not so dramatic which I like.

Enlargement 5/5 These lenses enlarge my eyes. Super! Remember these lenses are 15mm in Diameter.  

Overall I love it. It could really make your eyes huge. Putting these lenses alone will make your eyes look weird. They look good with makeup on.

Again let us talk about http://www.geocolouredlenses.com

1. They offer FREE standard international shipping on all orders 1-5 pairs and FREE express international shipping on all orders 6 pairs and above.

2. GEO is a reliable Korean circle lens brand and is also ISO and CE certified. All of their lenses are genuine. There are many circle lens brands in the market now and customers should purchase their circle lens carefully to avoid fake/unreliable brands. (This is something they always say to current and new circle lens wearers.)

 I’ve got mine verified at http://geo.fw1860.com/
And yes it is Authentic!

You can only enter the codes once!

3. Most of their circle lens models are available with corrective power.

And finally
 You can enjoy 10% discount using code: Missabegaila (No expiry date, no use limit) so shop now at http://www.geocolouredlenses.com

This review is sponsored by http://www.geocolouredlenses.com.

NYX Matte Lipstick Shocking Pink Review

I have a new great addition to my lipstick collection.
My super buddy Marga picked this shade. :D

Here is the lipstick..

Nyx Matte Lipstick Shocking Pink

Price Range: ₱270-₱350
from Windzee Store http://myworld.ebay.ph/windzdee

If you are looking for a  barbie like shade, this is a good lipstick for you.
This is super bright pink!
It looks purple sometimes.
The packaging is plastic and it  looks descent.
 The packaging is better than the Nyx Round Lipstick.
It is tasteless.
The scent is not so strong.

The pigment is so bright.
It is one of those head turning lipsticks.

Here are my pictures with NYX shocking pink lipstick...


Why I Love it?
It feels so light but the pigment is so bright and rich
This is a matte but it wasn't so drying
The price is so cheap
The staying power is fine and will survive a drink
Does not smudge 

Still not available in local malls

I recommend this lipstick for Matte Lovers!
Will definitely repurchase!

Soleil Bracelet by JewelMint

Soleil Bracelet by JewelMint

This is a  winning prize from Young and Seamless giveaway sponsored by JewelMint.
Thank you so much Anisa for shipping this beautiful bracelet.    

Anisa is a fashion blogger. I love her style.

Check her blog --> http://www.youngandseamless.blogspot.com

Ladies you must check JewelMint. JewelMint is an online accessories store.
They have beautiful designs of accessories. I love their bracelets!
JewelMint  site --->   http://www.jewelmint.com/showroom

Here is the package:

It comes in an elegant box.

And in a black pouch

Price: $29.99

Jewelmint currently ship to all US states, and Canada. 
 About this bracelet, it is light weight and  looks so vintage.
From far it looks like a watch.
I like the mother of pearl stone in the middle (I'm not sure if it is real)

Thank you JewelMint! :)

Anyway i have a new baby and it's a girl!

My super cute Maltese Poodle Baby Marikit. She is 5 months old. 
Finally my 1 year old  Schitzu now have a girlfriend. haha

That's all for now. Have a great weekend everyone!

Toric Magic 2 Lense Violet Review (Violet Lens)

Last week i received a mail from E-Circlelens.net.
They sent me pair of contact lenses for review.
Let me give you some facts about E-Circlelens.
E-circlelens.net is based in Korea. 
All contact lenses which e-circlelens.com distribute are authorized by KFDA(Korea Food and Drug Administration).
I like the variety of lenses they offered. They have a very friendly customer service. :)
You can visit their website at  http://www.e-circlelens.net

Here is the package...

Super Secure Packaging :)

And because of astigmatism, they ask me to choose from the toric designs.
I will be reviewing Toric 2 Magic Violet.

The lenses..........

They included a lens case. Thank you E-circleLens! :)

Diameter: 14.0
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6
Life Span: 1 year
Price:  $63

Their lenses are bit pricey compared to other but i definitely guarantee that the product and the service are high in quality. :D

Eyes Shots


With Flash

Without Flash


With Flash

Without Flash

Why i Love ♥ it?
So comfortable and doesn't feel weird.
I like the design.
It's not so dramatic when outside (with outdoor light).

 Not available in the Philippines

♥Comfort ♥ 4.5
♥Color and Design♥ 5 
♥Enlargement♥ 3  (This lens is 14mm Diameter only)
Service feedback 5

Overall: I love these lenses so much. I will definitely use it more often :) 


 With Camera Flash


          It looks so dramatic when i took the photo inside my dark room with the camera flash.

Without Flash

 (I took these photos near the window and outside the house)

They are dark when outside which i like.



This review is sponsored by E-Circlelense.net. Thank you E-Circlelens.net.
Like their page ---->  E-Circlelense Facebook Page 
I will be reviewing doll eye contact lenses soon. :)

Best Sence Pinky-Color Shiny Shimmering Nail Polish of KKcenterHK (Pretty Pink Nail Polish) Review

Last week i received a mail from KKcenterHK

They sent me products for review. That was 2 weeks ago. The shipping only took less than 2 weeks! That was fast right!? :)

 The Package came with Bubble Wrap

Here are the products from KKcenterHK

Set of 3 Nail Polishes (Best Sence Pinky-Color Shiny Shimmering Nail Polish
Price: $21.50
1. Dark Pink 2. Light Pink 3. Peachy Brown

I cut my nails short. I hope you will still appreciate my nail color with short nails.

I have chosen the Light pink polish color for review

Super girly color right?

Two Coats
This polish is glittery but not super glittery.
It is glossy.
I love this nail color so much!
The color is so pretty and girly
Happily this dries so quickly!
I scratched it to try if it is long lasting, I'm glad that it is hard to peel :)

I will try my best to update this post for the other colors.

If you wanna shop at http://www.kkcenterhk.com
You can enjoy 10% discount using this coupon code: BLGB745AB10 Until 1/31/2013


Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream (Light Beige) Review

What a February! Now i am experiencing pimple breakout on my nose. And this BB cream from Luview saved me! I will be reviewing a product
from Luview Cosmetics
Luview is a Korean brand. By the way this cream is a winning prize from Luview Cosmetics December Mega GiveAway. :)

Luview Crystal cover BB cream Light Beige (Price: $25.20)

I'm not fond of creamy covering cosmetics because i have an oily/combination skin. I hate that oily feeling. It's my first time to use a BB cream and i was overjoyed with this product. Anyway the bottle comes in a box. I'm so sorry, i wasn't able to take photo of the box. I misplaced the box. This bottle has a safety seal (i misplaced the seal) and in a hygienic pump. The packaging is great!

From The Bottle:

UV Protecting SPF30
Wrinkle Improvement

This is the functionality BB cream completing for splendidly shining Crystal skin.

Crystal BB
The jewelry ingredients in crystal, pearl amethyst etc,. provide the skin vitality and maintain clear skintone to complete in shining skin.

Perfect Cover
Without stickiness, it has moisturized application, outstanding adhesiveness, and even more perfect covering power to generate  the  spotless and splendid skin tone.

Skin Soothing Effect
11 vegetable tea ingredients protect the skin from the outside ingredients and provide the soothing effect.

How to use
At the final stage of the skin care, take appropriate volume and apply for light pounding. Sun block maintenance and foundation are not required to use separately.

I super like this BB Cream because it doesn't make me feel oily.

Here are my pictures with Luview BB Crystal Cover Cream
My Naked Face. SPOT my Pimple! haha


 Oh Yes! This BB cream is perfect for covering my pimple without making me feel heavy and oily.
I did not apply anything (moisturizer, powder etc)before and after putting it on.
    It made my skin more shiny. I touched my face and i was amazed! Still Not Oily!

                            Applying a little amount of cream is enough

The cream is a bit pinkish in actual.
The scent is a bit strong but did not bother me at all.

Why I love it?
Perfect for covering my mild pimple scars! (I don’t have a problematic pimple scars, I rarely breakout)
It is moisturizing
I love the shiny, glowing effect without making my skin oily.
The UV protection (SFP30)!
It doesn’t create a cakey effect.
No ghost white like effect.
It blends so well and matched my skin tone.

Not available locally

Luview BB Crystal Cover Cream  is a great product that provides a moderate coverage .
If you are looking for an everyday BB cream that will make your skin shiny and glowing without making you feel heavy I recommend this product!
 If you need a higher coverage for extreme pimple/scars you can go for other creams/foundation.

                                                   Check this product -------> Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream   
                                                                   Visit their page ----->  Luview FaceBook Page
               I will write a review for Luview One-Touch Brush Sun Powder soon.
                                                    Thanks Luview!