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Sutla Flawless Soap and Sutla Bleaching Cream For Skin Whitening Review

Filipinos are so fond of whitening soaps. Sutla flawless soap is famous in instagram. I have seen a lot of reviews in instagram showing that it is very effective as skin whitener.  My friends are also using this soap and they like the result of this soap. For me to save, i purchased package which consists of 5 soaps and 1 bleaching cream.

Let me give a little background about the famous Sutla Flawless Soap.

What is Sutla Soap?

Be white and flawless in just 2 weeks without any derma treatments.  This natural soap does it all for you.  Its combination of ingredients including papaya, moringga, bengkoang, kojic, glutathione, collagen, vitamin E, and placenta gives you a power soap that works effectively to cleanse, moisturize, whiten, soften, and tighten the skin.  This soap can be used as often as you wish for faster results.

             Manufacturer: GLOWCAL Manufacturing Corporation

This soap becomes famous due to the cheap price. You can get this soap for as low as 18 pesos!

My Experience:  Sutla Soap can last up to 3 weeks. After 3 days of using this soap i observed some micropeeling. I am also using this on my face. 

Now for the Sutla Bleaching  Cream

This formulation helps whiten and moisturize the skin. It enhances skin elasticity and protects the skin from harmful elements.  With regular use, this cream makes the skin glow and look younger.  This product contains sunblock too so that you can be assured that your skin is adequately protected.  This cream is safe for use of children and pregnant women.

Stearic acid, Beeswax, Glyceryl Monostearate, Isopropyl Myristate, Ethyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Parabens, Salycylic Acid, Biosulfur moisturizing agents and Melfade Whitening and Bleaching Ingredient.

My Experience: This cream comes in different sizes 120g, 200g and 250g. It can last for 3 months. The cream is sticky and hard to blend on my skin. I apply it only at night.
For the whitening, after 1 month of using this product i cant see any whitening effect yet. 

Where to buy these products?
It is being sold in instagram.

For more details  check---->  http://www.sutlaflawless.com

Get Vidal Sassoon at Sampleroom.ph

Look what I found in my mail today!

                                                    I've got a nice package from Sampleroom.ph :)

                                                                    What's Inside the package?

                            Vidal Sassoon Shampoo and Conditioner Premium Base Care Series

About Vidal Sassoon Shampoo and Conditioner Premium Base Care Series

Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care series moisturizes and infuses each hair strand with elasticity to reduce frizz and enable effortlessly lifted styles.

RTB / Technology:
-           Amino Salon Essence - Deeply penetrates into hair and targets and helps repair the most damaged parts of hair
-           Dual Surfactant Formula - Enables deep  moisturization of every strand of hair –  for  hair that’s manageable and easy to style

How to Use: Apply to hair and gently work up lather without rubbing the hair strand against each other.

Full size: 190ml/ 480ml
Price: PHP 199/ PHP 459
Sample Size: 1 bottle of 190ml

Full size: 184ml/ 470ml
Price: PHP 199/ PHP 459
Sample Size: 1 bottle of 184ml

I am familiar with Vidal Sassoon but i can't find a store selling their products. I am so lucky to try these products at no cost to me.  You can get free full sized VS products at Sampleroom.ph. They're still available! 

This post is also my entry for  I am Inspired to #GetSassooned Blog Contest.
And to join i need to answer this question:

" I am inspired to #GetSassoned because I would like to be associated as a Woman with Timeless Beauty who doesn't care about her age as long as her hair looks shiny, healthy and full of life."

Thanks to Sampleroom.ph and Vidal Sassoon

Glutax 5G IV Glutathione Review

I am receiving emails about iv glutathione asking which one is best and etc. This is my second review about IV glutathione.
This time i will review the Glutax 5g Red Glutathione.   I heard that this glutathione is being used by Derma Clinics here in the Philippines.

Overview of Glutax 5g Red Glutathione


Glutathione 5000mg 
Alpha lipoic acid 300mg 
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 2000mg 
Collagen extract 400mg

PACKAGING: 5 vials X 5 ampoules/5ml

Manufactured by Dermedical Skin Science 

The vial contains 5,000 mg of glutathione which is bigger compared to other brands. Another content of the vial is Alpha lipoic acid. Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant that is made by the body and is found in every cell. Alpha lipoic acid increases the formation of glutathione.

The ampule contains 2000mg of ascorbic acid and 400mg of collagen extract.
Regarding the collagen i'm not sure if the ampule contains collagen.  I have read  in a blog that collagen does not mix with vit c. You can read more here 
In connection of vit c with collagen, vitamin C is required for the synthesis of collagen.

Are there  Fake Glutax 5g?

I have read somewhere that there are fake Glutax 5g.

The GMP print is lacking in the fake glutax.

Also i cant find the information about Dermedical Skin Science.
Someone blog about it --->

How to Administer?

There are 2 ways

1. Incorporating in IV Fluid  (to run 4 hours)

2. Directly into the IV cannula or butterly .

I am using 10 cc of sterile water and sometimes PNSS to dilute Glutax  5g. 
While injecting you will feel a discomfort. There is a heavy feeling on arm. Using little amount of diluent will increase discomfort.
And for the included  ascorbic acid with collagen ampule there is no need to add sterile water and pnss. I don't feel any discomfort while injecting vit c with collagen.

As suggested by my supplier: The ascorbic acid with collagen can be used as diluent.

Personal Experience/Any changes?

I already consumed 5 vials/ampules. I am injecting once a week. 
My skin is glowing a day after my injection.
I  don't look tired even i don't get enough sleep.
I get complimented on my skin " Your skin is  glowing". :)
It's too early for me to give comment about the whitening effect because i only consumed 5 vials. So far it maintains my fair  white skin.

Some experience  fever.
Heavy arm feeling while injecting

I am satisfied with Glutax 5g but i cannot recommend this because of authenticity issue.
I  purchased my Glutax 5g from a Doctor and i trust my supplier.
I purchased glutax 5g from --------> http://www.dermaperfection.net/

If you choose to try this product it is at your own risk.
Always consult with your doctor before taking anything new.

My First Beauty Box from Glamourbox (September Glamourbox Review)

I've been hearing a lot about the various beauty box subscription services that are available right now. Recently i subscribed from Glamourbox.  It costs me ₱595.00 for 1 month subcription. ₱595.00 for full size products!  Glamourbox is one of the beauty subscription here in the Philippines.  This is my first box and i amvery excited.

Here it is..

It is all about beauty SOS!

What's inside the box?

The September box comes with  Vouchers! Yeahy :)

I love the Soleo Swimwear  P500 discount coupon.  

The other two vouchers are VMV Hypoallergenics  (25% off selected products and/or free shipping + 2 deluxe-sized minis of your choice for a P2,000 purchase) and Anma Lifestyle voucher 10% discount.

Now for the items:

1.  This is my favorite box item. Rejuvalash Eyelash Growth Serum  (Full size) which gives intense nourishment to the lash hair follicle and helps to achieve fuller lashes within 21days. I already started using this product yesterday. Let's see if it can make my lashes more longer. I will review this product soon. 
Price:  ₱2,860.00

2. Kaneebo Impress Advanced CT Essence (2 sachet/.4ml each). This product claims to be an anti-aging serum that targets roughness, dryness, and visible pores.  It costs 12,000php for a full sized product of 40ml. I already tried one sachet and it is very moisturizing.

3. This product comes in full size! I I am super excited to try this product.  I will use this when indoors only due to its low Sun protection Factor. I'm super excited to the anti aging effect. Avon Genics Gen- Protect SPF 15 Treatment claims that it can  undo 10 years from the look of the skin in just 8 weeks. 

Price: Php 1,299

4. I am very happy that this product was included.  VMVHYPOALLERGENICS ID Monolaurin Gel  (sample size 50ml) . I have been getting occasional acne and this product will help me! :)  

Full size price: ₱ 710.00

5. Ofra Lipstick #202 

This is my first Ofra lipstick and i would like to have the pink shade Ofra Lipstick.

Price: ₱ 650.00

Saforelle Gentle Cleansing Care (Full size)  This gentle, intimate wash delicately cleans and soothes irritations. It has a mild alkaline pH and contains no soap or parabens, making it ideal for everyday use.

Price: ₱ 159.75

Total Box Value: Almost ₱5,000

I love this box. I am impressed with the September box. I would love to see more skincare 
products on the next box. 

Thank you Glamourbox!

Visit glamourbox facebook page---> https://www.facebook.com/GlamourboxPH