Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hair Removal Hot and Cold Wax at Home (Epilin Review)

Epilin Hair Remover  (hot wax) and Cold Wax.

I hoard Epilin. Epilin is always out of stock. Sometimes i have to order online to purchase Epilin. The cold wax tubs came from Qatar (A pasalubong from my cousin). I don't know the brand of this cold wax because it is labeled in Arabic.  I'm not that hairy. I am using Epilin wax to remove armpit hair once a month. I love the Epilin hot wax more than the cold wax because it removes the root of my armpit hair. Instead  I'm using the cold wax to remove my hair down there. Compared to our local cold waxing products for  hair removal, this Qatar cold wax is stickier and can pull a lot of hair. Middle East have the best wax hair removal products. In Middle Eastern societies, removal of body hair has been considered proper hygiene.  

Instruction for  Epilin Application:

 It is advisable to do waxing after bathing and before going to sleep.

1. Place the melting pan on low heat. Press the wax down with the spatula; the melted wax will rise to the surface. Melt only as much wax as you need.
2.Let wax cool until consistency is similar to honey - not too hot. Spread wax in a strip on clean, dry skin - one strip at a time. For good result, wash skin with soap or astringent before waxing.
3. Let wax strip cool for a few moments until it doesn't stick anymore when touched. Then lift the lowest end of the wax strip - against hair growth - and pull it off the skin in one quick, smooth motion.  Repeat as required. To avoid breaking, don't let the wax harden too long.

Warning: Slight reddening of the skin is normal after wax treatment. Do not use on sensitive, broken or irritated skin.
                Be careful with hot wax because it can burn the skin.

Yes, it is painful but you will  get used to the pain. :) You can also put a talcum powder on your skin before doing the procedure. Talcum powder keeps hot wax from sticking to skin. Do not wash, apply creams or any solution within 8 hours after waxing. Your pores are open at this time and prone to skin irritation.  Epilin is so cheap. It is available in 100g (₱180.00), 45g (₱120-130.00) and 500g

I purchased epilin at http://myworld.ebay.ph/bodylicious.beauty/

Happy Waxing. :)

Referrence: http://www.epilin.com


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  2. Do not waxing, tweezing and electrolysis at least 3 weeks. Stop bleaching or plucking for 2 weeks before laser hair removal treatment.

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