Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tretinoin For Acne Review (Blackheads and White Heads/Milia Solution)

Tretinoin Gel .1%

Tretinoin (Retin-A, Atralin, Renova, Avita, Altinac)  is the acid form of Vit A. It is a drug used for mild to moderate acne, whiteheads and black heads. Tretinoin is available in gel: 0.01%, 0.025%, 0.04%, 0.05%, 0.1%. and cream: 0.02%, 0.025%, 0.05%, 0.1%.  It increases the cell turn over and unclogged the pores. As it increases the cell turnover it prevents new pimples from forming. Tretinoin is also popular for improving wrinkles. It is very effective for whiteheads and black heads but it will take 6-9 weeks to see a noticeable difference.

Tretinoin saved me from pain and spending alot of money to derma. I remember those bloody painful facial pricking sessions (2x a month) with my derma just to remove milias/whiteheads.  I experienced severe milia/whiteheads due to my unhealthy eating diet (fatty foods). I started using tretion cream this year, July. I'm using tretion gel .1% generic (without Rx). If you have a sensitive skin you should consult a derma before using tretinoin.  For the 1st month, tretinoin will cause a pimple/whiteheads/blackheads breakout. Don't freakout! That is normal.  Tretinoin will cause some peeling. I experienced mild peeling that usually lasts 1-3 days. After 1 month you will see a noticeable difference. My nose is now clear from whiteheads and milias. It also reduced my pores.  I experienced another breakout last month because i shifted from tretinoin cream to gel. To avoid another breakout, just stick to 1 brand. If you have a dry skin you will need to apply a moisturizer while you are on tretinoin. You have to apply tretinoin religiously, before going to sleep, to see the immediate result. You can stop, if you already achieve your desired result. And never forget to wear sunblock. Tretinoin will cause thinning of the skin that may be prone to sunburn.

How to use Tretinoin

1. Wash or cleanse your face first.
2. Dry your face.
3. Apply the cream/gel in thin layer at night.
4. Let it absorbed by your skin. You can put a moisturizer after 10-20 minutes.

Note: Tretinoin should not be used during  pregnancy and breastfeeding

 I purchased tretinoin gel from Dare to Bare Shop .


  1. I've always had a problem with blackheads, especially more recently. Thanks for the review, I'll definitely have to check this out:D!

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  3. Thanks for the review...I might try this product too..=)

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