Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let's Moisturize!

Feeling  sleepy the whole day...
The weather is so cold and so  i never forget to put  petroleum jelly/lipgloss on my lips. 
I'm highly moisturized! As always. haha  

My new glosses
Another yummy lickin lipsgloss of Bari Cosmetics, Bonbons Flavored Lipgloss.
The scent of this gloss is not so strong.
I super love the taste of this lipsgloss. So sweet.  I wanna eat this gloss. haha
Very glossy!

Naturistics Lip Gloss Quad Compact
 It is unscented with a little bit sweet tasting and very glossy.
Both of the glosses mentioned above are highly moisturizing.
 Both are sweet!
 Both are Yumyum. haha

First  Date Potion Lipgloss of Bari Cosmetics
This lipgloss is tasteless with not so strong scent.This is also highly moisturizing.

I'm so lazy when it comes to moisturizing my feet. wahh.. Because of the cold weather I am obliged to moisturize my feet. Dry skin is a visible sign of aging and i don't want to feel that aging at the age of 22. haha 
Anyways, i received a Foot lotion freebie with my other soap and cream purchases from Dare To Bare Shop. Yahhy. Thanks Dare to Bare Shop!:) I'm so sorry but I can’t show my feet with this lotion on. I have a wide not so beautiful feet with big toe nails. I don’t have the guts to show it. haha

Pinky Toes Foot Lotion, 50 ml

This lotion contains VCO and Emu oil as labeled. It is not only for moisturizing but also for blushing. Yes for feet blushing!  I love the pinkish blush effect of this lotion on my feet. The scent of this lotion is a bit minty. And because it contains highly moisturizing VCO and Emu oil, this lotion leaves my feet highly moisturized.

You can check this product at

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