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Wishtrend's Klairs Gentle Moist Aloe Gel Review

I have some products from that i want to share. 
Wishtrend.Com is an online store company based in Korea. supply marketing, distribute, and network service on beauty, fashion, and entertainment brands.
I received a secured box package from Wishtrend.

Thank you Wishtrend.Com for sending these products!
I am a skin care junkie so I love testing out different things.

      The  Klairs Gentle Moist Aloe Gel
          Price: $ 10.99
           Volume: 100ml

Aloe Vera is best for natural skin care. It makes skin moisturised and fights with the aging process.

1. Moisturizing and Skin elasticity
The aloe vera extract moisturize and revitalize dull, damaged skin

2. Softer and smoother!
The sodium hyaluronate along with aloe vera help make softer, smoother skin

3. Pore management with Green tea extract!
The polyphenol catechin from the green tea control sebum secretion, contract pores, and provide whitening effects

4. Mild!
The mild texture and substances provide smooth texture and glossy skin


Aloe vera
Anti-aging, moisturizing, calming, skin barrier revitalizing, and revitalization

 Sodium Hyaluronate
Protects the skin barrier, calms and moisturizes skin

 Green Tea extract
The polyphenol catechin from the green tea control sebum secretion, contract pores, and provide whitening effects

 Purslane extract
Skin purification, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidization functions, moisturizing, sebum control and anti-allergic effects

 Witch hazel extract
Anti-aging, anti-oxidization, and pore contraction functions

How to use:

Step 1.
Set a good amount on palms

Step 2.
Apply on necessary area and absorb it. Then, wash your face afer 15 min.
* Use 1-2 times weekly

 Product Review

The bottle is sealed with plastic for protection.

After 2 days of using  Klair Gentle Moist Aloe Gel  I had results immediately
I am using this product before i go to sleep.
The scent of this product is not so strong.
It is easily absorbed by the skin and not making my skin oily.
After removing it from my face, my face feel so smooth.
It really gives a refreshing feeling!
I recommend this product even if you have a sensitive or oily skin.

Service feedback 5 (They have very fast and friendly customer service)
Overall:  5 out of 5

Check this product now Wishtrend's Klairs Gentle Moist Aloe Gel

I also received Nature Holic products from Wishtrend. I will review these products soon.

Visit Wishtrend Facebook Page now

Again Thank you wishtrend!  

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