Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ishigaki Glutathione Review + KB Glutathione Review

It took a long time for me to give a feedback to Ishigaki glutathione. Sorry guys! =)
Before i proceed to my review, Happy Christmas Everyone!

I have been using Ishigaki Advance Ultrawhite for 8 months. Ishigaki ultrawhite is in capsule form. 1 bottle of Ishigaki Ultrawhite contains 60 capsule(1000mg/capsule). It smells like a rotten egg (authentic ishigaki). I'm taking Ishigaki  glutathione twice a day morning and before going to sleep (30 minutes before/30 minutes after meal). I have tried the Ishigaki Plus for 2 months. What is the difference between Ishigaki plus and Ishigaki ultra? Ishigaki plus contains pure gluthathione (850 mg) while Ishigaki ultra contains 250mg glutathione booster (vitc, etc). While taking Ishigaki plus once a day i still continue the ishigaki ultra twice a day. I have a near  fair skin (pale white) before i started taking glutathione. The effect of ishigaki glutathione on me is  yellowish white skin. It did not create any drastic change on my skin. If you are looking for a super fast whitening stuffs i don't recommend Ishigaki glutathione. If you are patient enough and budget conscious, Ishigaki glutathione is a must try! Ishigaki glutahione is one of the cheapest glutathione in the market.

I also tried  KB Glutathione with rosehip oil. I took KB Glutathione while on ishigaki ultra. It gave me zits (big zits on my nose) and my period was late for 10 days! I think that was the purging effect of KB Glutathione but i will never buy KB glutathione again.

If you are planning to try Ishigaki products for skin whitening, i suggest  to take it with gluta boosters like grapeseed, fish oil or vit c. 

Why i love taking glutathione and other supplements? I am a medical student, exposed to stress and with poor sleep quality. I am very prone to aging and i don't want that to happen. LOL!  Glutathione can help slow the aging process, detoxify the body, and whiten the skin.  :) But still the best way to maintain a beautiful young looking skin is "healthy lifestyle".

NOTE: People can have different responses to drugs. 


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  3. Gaano po katagal bago magtake yung effect?

    1. Depends sa body but usually may changes na after 3rd bottle.:)

  4. So sa 1st bottle wla pbng changes?

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  12. hi ma'am how if after i take ishigaki Ultrawhite before going to sleep then i ate my midnight snack after an hour of taking it? is it okay?
    ps; I was taking Ishigaki for 1month.

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  17. Ang ishigaki talaga ba amoy itlog na bulok?

  18. I took ishigaki for 1 month and my menstruation delayed for 2 months


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