About Me

IN 2011

I created this blog to share the products that i tried and tested.
I am Abegail.
Novice Blogger
5'6 tall
White to Light Brown Skin
I'm living a healthy life style, no smoking or drinking alcohol! yahhy..
I want to become a hacker!
I want to become a psychiatrist, dermatologist and  oncologist.
So many wants. haha
Sleeping is my hobby.
I sleep a lot, i eat a lot but i'm not gaining weight (Fastest metabolism in the world.haha)
I love clothes.
I love shopping!
I love cosmetics. I'm addicted to Red Lipstick.
I love dogs!
I love my super cute Shih tzu.
My Baby Atom

I rested for  2 years because i have been busy in medschool and exams.

And Now, 2018  i am licensed Physcian.
STill inlove with shopping and trying out beauty products that i want to share with you guys.

By the way my super shitzu, Atom is still alive and kicking at 7 y/o.